Friday, August 27, 2021

Earth Based Cafe Restaurant Review

 Do you remember the veganniversary post where I teased this picture:

Of course you remember. Who could forget something so epic and delicious?

That burger, my dudes, is the glorious creation of Earth Based Cafe in Martinsburg, WV.

Now, as a native Virginian, I was under the impression that the only vegan food in West Virginia was beer. But whooo boy was I wrong.

As it turns out, all I had to do to satisfy my junk food vegan hopes and dreams was drive across the border.

Let me tell you the tale.

One night after work, we made the impromptu decision to have a date night. So we hopped in the car, drove 20 minutes north, picked up a ridiculous amount of takeout for only two people, and ate it on a blanket in the park, all romantic-like. (Well. Almost romantic-like. If you ignore the fact that we couldn't get into the park and ended up eating ten feet away from the car in a patch of grass between the parking lot and a ditch. And also if you ignore the fact that we almost got run over by this one kid on a bicycle about four times. If you just focus on the food and the blanket, it was very romantic-like.)


We ordered two entrees, two apps, and two sides.

For the appetizers, which were gargantuan enough to be entrees in their own right, we chose garlic knots and cheesy spinach dip.


The garlic knots? Heavily. The marinara sauce? Perfection. The spinach dip? Cheesy as all heck. The tortilla chips? Warm and crispy, as the gods intended them.

Then, my friends, there were the entrees.

Are you prepared for this? Because I was definitely not prepared for this.

I ordered a nacho burger.

Just in case you haven't had the pleasure of feasting on a grilled Beyond Burger topped with two kinds of cheese, jalapenos, onions, chipotle sauce, and tortilla chips, I'm here to assure you it is spectacular. I would eat this every day of my life and die happy.

My dinnermate ordered a Philly cheesesteak.


This cheesesteak was loaded. We're talking holy cow thick. Acres of seitan spilling out of a warm bun, dotted with zippy green peppers and swirled with ooey gooey cheese. Delectable.

The sides we tried were macaroni salad (classic) and sriracha baked beans (exotic). 


Both were lovely accompaniments to an outstanding meal.

But that burger, y'all. I need you to understand how much I love that burger.

This is happy dance food.

I cannot recommend Earth Grown Cafe enough. Go there, eat the food, bring me some on your way home. Rinse and repeat.

Monday, August 23, 2021

BRAND WARS: Vegan Mac & Cheese

Have you ever spent a Saturday afternoon wondering what to do with yourself?

The answer is make four boxes of mac and cheese.

For science.

I can say this with authority, because that's exactly what my brother and I did this past Saturday.

Which means....ladies and gentlemen!

It's time for another BRAND WARS!!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Veganniversary: Year 4!

My dudes, I have been vegan for four years as of yesterday.

This boggles the mind. Where did four years go? What was I doing all that time? And furthermore, wtf happened to the world???

In addition to the chaos the entire universe unleashed in the past four years, my own life has been pretty darn hectic. Here are some highlights: