Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Brand Wars: Coke vs. Pepsi

It's the question that has plagued humanity since the 1800s. Today, at long last, we will have our answer.

[NOTE: This was originally published in 2013, I think, but somewhere along the line I broke something and it reposted in 2020. My apologies for any disappointment or confusion.]

I've only sampled Pepsi and Coke a few times in my life (I'm more of a Root Beer/Dr. Pepper/iced tea gal myself), and never side by side. As such, I'd never had an answer to the age-old question every American is asked upon birth: Coke or Pepsi?

To determine, once and for all, which is better, we arranged a blind taste test to be judged by me, an (almost) cola virgin.

 After much sipping and swishing, I decided Subject A was sweeter, syrupy-er, and had a chemical finish. Subject B brought a fresher, cleaner, more carbonated taste to the table.

Subject A contains 11.87 calories per ounce, 3.25g sugar per ounce, 2.81mg caffeine per ounce, and rang up at a price of $0.074 per ounce.

Subject B contains 12.5 calories per ounce, 3.45g sugar per ounce, 3.15mg caffeine per ounce, and rang up at a price of $0.084 per ounce.

Despite slightly elevated levels in cost and unhealthiness, I chose B as the Ultimate Cola.

That's right, folks! I officially prefer Pepsi over Coke. How could anyone not?

That being said, Coke still wins for marketing (who could say no to adorable animated polar bears?


What about you? Are you all about Partying with Pepsi or are you firmly rooted in Camp Coca-Cola?


  1. Pepsi taste like uncarbonated poo or a flat generic coke. Walmart's Great Value brand presents: Pepsi, the wannabe Coca-Cola. Coke was made first and is an American cultural icon, Pepsi is the less carbonated, terrible tasting alternative. Coca-Cola is the only soda available all around the world, unlike pepsi. For a (somewhat) "Soda Virgin" you clearly haven't successfully had your cherry popped. Coca-Cola is # 1 and always will be, although I do like that you enjoy Dr. Pepper, it's also one of my favorites.

  2. Favoring Pepsi over Coke is absolute lunacy. Your judgement is clearly unsound and not to be trusted.