Saturday, May 30, 2015

Limited Edition S'More Oreos

Yes, folks, that's right: I've been lured out of hiding by the latest limited edition Oreo. And these are not just any limited edition Oreos. These are Smoreos.

Indeed, I discovered these campfire-ready Smoreos hiding on a shelf full of peanut butter Oreos (which were never really my thing) and I knew in an instant that these Oreos were coming home with me, diet or no diet, and that I would delightedly devour the entire package in likely only one or two sittings.

Lucky for my diet, this is a mini-sized package of Oreos. Weighing in at about 10oz, you get roughly half the cookies that you would get in a regular pack of Oreos. Okay, probably not really half; it's probably more like three quarters of the Oreos you would get in a regular pack of Oreos, but anybody who tries to limit my Oreo intake is going to be severely exaggerated in the worst possible ways. So yeah, there were only like five Oreos.

But they were delicious.

They were perfect.

They were everything that a Smoreo could ever hope to be.

Like, seriously. The cookie kinda looks like a regular golden Oreo, but no. It is a graham cracker flavored Oreo. I had no idea you could make a graham cracker flavored Oreo cookie and still have it distinctively be an Oreo cookie, but Nabisco pulled it off. I knew I liked those guys.

THEN! There are two kinds of creme! Seriously! There's a marshmallow fluff layer and a chocolate layer and they're criss-crossed so that you have a lot of marshmallow on one half with just a little bit of chocolate, and then on the other half there's a buttload of chocolate with just a little bit of marshmallow.

I love them.

And, bonus, they're WAY less messy than real s'mores, so really, you have nothing to lose. Buy them! Buy them all! Share them with me! Because my package was gone, like, twenty minutes after I got home from the store.

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