Saturday, August 11, 2018

Lazy Vegan Creamsicle Cupcakes

Today is my birthday! Last year, I had a Beaver Tail in place of birthday cake.

This year, that would be geographically challenging, so I'm made cupcakes instead.

Here's the thing about cake. It's really hard to make it without eggs. Also, when you make it from scratch, it takes like eighteen ingredients and all of the measuring cups and I am just not into that much effort. Also, I'm bad at cake.

So I life-hacked it.

Yep. You can totally make cake by mixing a box of cake mix with 12oz of soda. That's it.

You're welcome.

These are vegan creamsicle cupcakes, topped with 100% vegan (0% natural) canned frosting.

Am I classy or what?

If that doesn't convince you, I will have you know that I spent this birthday giving my baby brother a back-to-school haircut and then stopping by a bar with my coworkers where my boss (very generously)  procured for me a shot glass and a flower. Who says 26 can't be a badass birthday?

Yeah. No. It was definitely all about the cupcakes.

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