Monday, December 2, 2019

Vegan Pumpkin Pie is My Superpower

Dear citizens of the Internet:

I am writing to you at this time, fully interrupting your holiday merriment and whatnot, to inform you that I am--100% confirmed--a vegan goddess. Yes, you read that right. My vegan awesomeness has officially transcended this dimension and become supernatural, otherworldy, and downright magical.

I have made a vegan pumpkin pie. And it. was. BOMB.

I swear. I didn't know this was possible. If I had known this was possible, I would have made one a long time ago. I would have...I dunno...attempted world domination or something, because in a universe where I can make a vegan pumpkin pie that is EXACTLY as phenomenal as traditional pumpkin pie, anything is within my reach. I am an unstoppable diva, and I defy you to prove anything different.

(Please don't prove anything different. I deserve this high.)

Look at this pie in all its poorly-photographed majesty:

I know. It's a little ugly, but just think of it as one of those evolutionary self-protection things. The pie thinks if it looks cracked and lopsided, no one will want to eat it.

Well the joke's on that pie, because it is completely irresistible and delicious.

I am mind boggled.

Or, I would be, if I weren't a goddess.

If you would like to replicate this luxurious, heavenly, perfect pie at home, you can find the recipe from Lisa, aka The Viet Vegan: I followed the suggestion in the comments to whip the aquafaba with sugar before folding it into the pumpkin mix, and I think it really helped the texture. But even without that, I would drink this batter with a straw. It's that amazing.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled holiday festivities. I'll be over here with my pie.

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