Friday, April 17, 2020

I Broke My Waffles

My inner fat kid is on the fritz.

You know how I know?

Because I made waffles.

These waffles.

Delicious waffles.

But like a complete, total, skinny dumbass...

I forgot to add the sugar.

All 1/3 cup of it.

Which makes these waffles healthy.

Ordinarily, I would be repulsed by such a notion. Decadent carbohydrates sullied in the name of nutrition? I think not.

But my dudes.

These were freaking fantastic.

Like, holy cheese balls, guys. You don't understand. They're awesome.

Yeah, sure, if you added the sugar they'd be better. They'd be better than the best Belgian waffle at the classiest hotel in town. I kid you not.

But these waffles? I totally ate two of them while I was standing next to the waffle maker waiting for the other ones. If I didn't have to save them for my friends' brunch tomorrow, I'd eat two more. And maybe two more after that. At which point, perhaps my inner fat kid would no longer be on the fritz; they'd just be in a carb coma.

I highly recommend Nora Cooks' recipe (with or without the sugar) and very much encourage you to invite me over for waffles anytime.

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