Saturday, June 17, 2023

Am I Old?

 I have a regrettable confession to share with you, loyal readers....

I don't think I've purchased Oreos in years.

Years! Can you believe this? It's like I'm a whole different person. In what universe do I not have Oreos? In what universe do I let Oreos unleash new flavors and I just walk past?

It disappoints me to say it..... but I may have grown up.

Which is bullshit, because grownups have to pay bills and pretend like they know what they're doing, and I'm going to be really bad at that, y'all! I can barely pretend I'm human. Now you expect me to be an ADULT? I didn't sign up for this shit.


But if I have to be an adult, at least I'll be an adult who knows how to make an air fryer pizza in 10 minutes or less. Boo yah!

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