Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10 Things to Do With a Bushel of Apples

My roommate came home from his latest voyage to backwoods New York with a bushel of apples. Not just any apples, though. No. These are 20-Ounce Apples, the best kept secret of autumnal bakers. was, until I spilled the beans on the internet. Oh well.

After I calmed down from my gleeful hopping up and down over having my very own bushel of 20-Ounce Apples, reality set in. I had a bushel of 20-Once Apples. A bushel. A whole bushel. That's a lot of apples. So what's a girl to do with an abundance of fruit? Make a list, of course!

Things to Do With a Bushel of Apples:
1. Make apple crisp.

2. Challenge your roommate to an apple crisp bake off.

3. Win the apple crisp bake off.

5. Give away apple sauce.

6. Make a bong.

7. Remember weed is illegal in Virginia and that your roommate didn't get his sister to smuggle you pot from Colorado.

9. Put caramel apple dip inside apple bong and hope nobody notices your slightly criminal fruit.

10. Get sick of apples and give them away to old ladies who like baking.

What would you do with a bushel of apples? Tell me in the comments!

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