Monday, December 16, 2013

Banana Twinkies and Minions!

I have fallen prey to the marketing ploy of little yellow minions.

These are banana Twinkies. Endorsed by minions.

This can't possibly go wrong.

Okay, it went a little wrong.

If you like Twinkies, you're in luck. These are Twinkies.

If you like banana flavored Runts morphed into delicious pastries with cream fillings, you're out of luck. (but, also, if you could please invent that I would love you forever)

These do, indeed, taste like Twinkies. They taste like eating a Twinkie after eating a banana. Or, more likely, like somebody took a banana slice and squished it into some frosting and then injected it into an unsuspecting snack cake.

Don't you want to eat one now?

No, me neither. I didn't even finish this one.

The minions have failed me.

Maybe I should buy a fart gun instead.

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