Thursday, January 9, 2014

Aladdin Reusable Water Bottle Review

So, once upon a time I went out and bought a water bottle. Then I bought another one. Then I bought another one. Then I bought two more.

These water bottles are awesome! They are the Aladdin 18oz Two-Way Lid Water Vessels and I love them.

(For those of you who can do math, yes, I said I bought five and I only show three in the picture. That is because I am a lovely person and gave away two of them.)

These water bottles come with three parts that can be deconstructed for easy cleaning and ice-filling.

Want to know my favorite things about these bottles? Here you go:

1. They Look Snazzy.
When I bought mine during the summer they came in five or six different colors. I'm not sure which colors are still available but I wouldn't be surprised if Aladdin switched them up every year.

2. They are Durable.
I have knocked these suckers off the table, smacked them against walls, and even dropped one while walking across a parking lot, and they still haven't shown a scratch.

3. They are Grippy.
You'd think the ridges would make these unnecessarily bulky, but no! They're actually very easy to hold onto and not too heavy. The whole sliding-out-of-my-hand thing was in no way the fault of Aladdin's design team but just me being a klutz.

4. They Stay Cool.
These aren't technically insulated but they do keep drinks cooler much longer than a Crystal Geyser bottle.

5. They are Affordable.
I bought mine at Walmart for $5 each. That is incredibly affordable considering the quality and the average price of other reusable water bottles.

6. They are Environmentally Friendly.
I fill these puppies up on a daily basis. Sometimes multiple times. That adds up to a lot of saved plastic bottles and a lot less crap to drag to the recycling center.

7. They Won't Leak.
These don't leak. Ever. No matter what.

8. They Don't Have a Straw.
No straw means no cleaning your straw and no weird mold growing in your straw and no lip wrinkles from sucking through a straw and you can drink out of your water bottle like a normal person drinks out of a water bottle. Imagine that

9. They Hold 18 Ounces.
I love that these bottles are bigger than your standard .5 liter (16.9oz). It always kind of bugged me that 16.9 was the standard size. It's like "What? I'm not good enough for 17 ounces? I see how it is!"

10. They are BPA Free.

I bought these right when everybody started flipping out about how leaving your water bottle in the car caused cancer. No worries with these. They are BPA free and don't get all weird and melty when you leave them in the sun. (Sidenote: Why don't you have your water with you if it's that hot out?)

11. They are Dishwasher Safe.
Need I say more?
These water bottles have officially made me an Aladdin convert. I would buy more in a heartbeat if they came out with new colors. (Just not pink. I don't like pink.)

You can still find these at Walmart and I've seen similar styles at Target. Go snap one (or two or seven) up for yourself!

Edit: While I was reroofing my house one of these suckers rolled off the ridge and landed in the garden. It's a little scratched up now, but it still refuses to die.

Water Bottle - 1; Roof - 0.


  1. I have a red one and I totally agree with you!

    1. Right? These things are the bomb!

    2. I have had two of these for the past year and a half - they are the BEST.

  2. Just got mine today and absolutely amazing

  3. Can't find them anywhere now.

  4. I LOVE mine, but it broke and now I can't find another one like it. I have tried looking EVERYWHERE. I am so sad