Monday, March 3, 2014

Ikea Haul Part 1: The Groceries

I went to Ikea this weekend.

I love Ikea.

Ikea is amazing.

If you've never been to an Ikea you need to pack some trail mix, get in your car, and drive to an Ikea right now.

While you're there, you can buy totally awesome things in their grocery department.

I usually stay away from the food when I go to Ikea, not because it isn't delicious, but because I like food and will inevitably spend $200 on Swedish delicacies I can't pronounce.

However, I am now a food blogger and have an excuse to buy all the delicacies I want. For you.

Here's what I got:

Chocolate. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and milk chocolate with hazelnuts. The dark chocolate tasted like dark chocolate, the hazelnut chocolate tasted like milk chocolate with hazelnuts in it, and the milk chocolate tasted like heaven. Heaven and Nestle.

Fun fact: This chocolate was made in Germany, so you can give it to your friends and tell them it's super fancy imported gourmet chocolate from Europe, even though it only cost you $2.59 for 3 bars.

Cookies. These cookies come in two varieties, apple and chocolate.

The apple ones have fancy icing dots in between the cookies and an apple jelly filling that tastes a lot like a NutriGrain bar.

The chocolate ones are very very delicious with a chocolate cookie on the bottom, a plain vanilla (shortbread?) cookie on top, and chocolate in the middle. These are my favorite food from the haul because they aren't super sweet like a lot of cookies. They're fancy, like tea party cookies. They set me back $1.69 per sleeve.

Chocolate Spread. Dudes, this is chocolate frosting in a glass peanut butter jar with tiny pieces of crunchy caramely butterscotch candy mixed in. You can eat as much of it as you want because it's in a peanut butter jar and peanut butter has protein and stuff in it and is therefore healthy.

This jar cost $3.29 and is best served semi-warm, not outside on your deck when it's 38 degrees.

Elk Pasta. I maintain that these are mooses, but really, whether they're elks or mooses they are absolutely adorable. I haven't eaten them yet (because they're adorable) but I'm planning to try them as a macaroni substitute in macaroni and cheese. This bag was $2.99, which is kind of expensive for pasta but you can't put a price on adorable (which, coincidentally is why I'm a blogger instead of a hooker).

Cooler Bag. I bought this because it was sitting next to the Swedish meatballs and they don't let vegetarians eat the Swedish meatballs so I needed a consolation prize. Then I got this home and decided it was a million times better than any Swedish meatball will ever be. It has pockets on the inside and outside and has a flat bottom. I plan to use it for my next expedition to faraway grocery stores. This cost $5.99, which is a bargain considering its durable construction and untold storage capacity.

Tune in later for the rest of my haul where I show you the kitchen doodads and whatchamacallits I bought.

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