Sunday, November 17, 2013

Alcoholic Gummy Bears

Are you ready to become a creative drunk? It's easy. All you need are gummy bears and vodka.

First, you put your gummy bears in a bowl.

Then you drown them in vodka.

(This only takes a couple of ounces. I didn't bother measuring to be sure--that would have required my whole ass, and that's just not the way we do things around here--so use as much vodka as it takes to cover your bears.)

Put the lid (aka: plastic wrap) on your bowl and hide it from yourself in the back of the fridge for as long as you can hold out. I honestly forgot about mine and ended up leaving them in there for about two weeks.

When you pull them out they will be swollen and extra gummy (think Jello jigglers) and super delicious. I detected no vodka taste in mine, just little sting, which made the pineapple bears extra pineapple-y.

What have you spiked lately?

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