Thursday, November 28, 2013

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Fake Turkey Sandwich

Happy Turkey Day!

Gobble Gobble Gobble!

(Is that supposed to be turkey-speak or just what everybody's doing all day?)

As a vegetarian with no place to be on Thanksgiving, I decided to embrace the spirit of the season and make myself a Thanksgiving Fake Turkey Sandwich.

This sandwich is comprised of three slices of fake turkey...

...two slices of non-smoked provolone cheese, lots of lettuce, and a layer of cranberry jelly, all sandwiched between two pieces of multigrain bread.

In all honesty, my intent was for this sandwich to be turkey, cheese, green beans, stuffing, and cranberry jelly (which is much more Thanksgiving-y), but alas, the stuffing was repulsive and I don't like green beans, so I worked with what I had available.

If, like me, you are spending this holiday alone, and, unlike me, you don't want to eat a turkey sandwich and pretend you're having fun, I highly recommend watching Hannah Hart's Thanksgiving for Juan.

You can also draw handprint turkeys:

But, you know, only if you're cool like that.

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