Thursday, May 1, 2014

Super Delicious Strawberry Smoothie

I recently developed a smoothie obsession. No, not a green juice obsession, but a super-sugary mega-delicious nearly-a-milkshake smoothie obsession.

And really, who could blame me? It's strawberries. Everybody loves strawberries.

If you don't love strawberries we can't be friends.

I originally started drinking these because I heard there were health benefits to yogurt and strawberries and I'm sure as hell not about to start working out to be healthier, so strawberries and yogurt it is. After, like, the second day, I was hooked.

These things are absurdly easy to make, especially if you have a tremendously awesome blender like this:

They're also absurdly easy to make because they require a whole five ingredients, one of which your freezer might make all by itself. (Ice. That ingredient is ice. If your freezer grows its own strawberries, call me.)

Before I tell you how to make this spectacular smoothie, let's take a second to discuss sweeteners. According to the internet, sugar makes you fat and all the other sweeteners are trying to kill you with brain tumors and heart attacks. Since I don't particularly want to be a fat dead person I sweeten these with stevia. So far nobody has told me stevia will kill me, and if you're that person, please just keep your mouth shut. For this smoothie I've been using four packets of Walmart-brand stevia or one tablespoon of Truvia. I tried it with honey one day and it wasn't so great, but you can use it if you want; I'm not the Smoothie Police.

Once you've selected your non-lethal skinny-person sweetener of choice, you'll also need 1/2 cup of plain yogurt (you could probably use vanilla too, but I'd skip the sweetener altogether in that case), 1/2 cup milk, 6 ice cubes, and 8-10 strawberries (frozen or otherwise).

Dump all that stuff into the blender and let it do its thang. On my tremendously awesome blender this means a whole fifteen seconds on liquify. Every now and then I splash in a little extra milk if my strawberries are supremely hefty, but that's usually unnecessary.

I like to drink my smoothies out of super-spiffy hurricane glasses (hi, Charlie!!!) because they are super-spiffy and they make me feel fancy.

Also! You can mix it up with all kinds of different fruit. I've tried cherry-berry blend with less than stellar results and have come to the conclusion that blackberries really aren't for me. My favorite combo so far was mostly strawberries with a few chunks of pineapple thrown in. And yes, I'm sure you could use fresh fruit, but I'm cheap and lazy and until the fruit in the grocery store starts looking not-gray, I'm sticking with frozen.

Anybody out there have a smoothie recipe I should try? I'm fair game, so long as it doesn't taste healthy and isn't, yaknow, green.

P.S. This recipe liked up with Eat Drink & Be Mary! Go check her out!

Eat Drink & Be Mary


  1. This looks delicious! I can't wait to start making smoothies this year. I'll be saving this recipe :)