Monday, July 14, 2014

Chipotle Loves Vegetarians: Sofritas Burrito Bowl Review

Dudes, this bag makes me happy.

Chipotle Bag with George Saunders quote about free food

Not just because it's always a good read, but also because it also holds the secrets of the universe and salsa.

Well, okay, maybe not the secrets of the universe, but definitely salsa. Always salsa. Don't even try to go to Chipotle and not get salsa, because that is not okay. (Unless you're going to Chipotle to get guacamole, in which case it's probably okay. I wouldn't know because avocados kind of freak me out a little bit.)

Cup of Fresh Pico De Gallo and a Bag of Chipotle's Earth Shatteringly Delicious Tortilla Chips

Recently Chipotle released a new vegetarian/vegan option they have confusingly titled "Sofritas." I have no freaking idea what "sofritas" means. Based on my extensive first-hand research it might mean "tofu" or it might mean "nuggets of deliciousness." Either way, they're absolutely amazing and you should eat them, like, ASAP.

Chipotle Sofritas Burrito Bowl with Lettuce, Cheese, Fajita Veggies, Brown Rice, and Green Tomatilla Salsa

I have to admit, I went into this whole sofritas thing pretty nervous. I am not a trusting vegetarian, thanks to accidentally consuming some chicken sneakily concealed in a meat-free pasta dish a couple of years ago, so downing my first bite of this "mystery meat" was slightly nerve-wracking. After that, though, it was awesome.

I used to get the all-veggie (and cheese and rice) burrito bowl from Chipotle, which was awesome, but as one can imagine, it can be difficult to get excited about a bowl full of vegetables. Now that the sofritas bowl exists, I can be excited about squished up soybeans! Yay! (I'm pretty sure it's soybeans.....I'm pretty sure it's tofu.....I really hope it's tofu.....)

Chipotle's New Vegan / Vegetarian Sofritas Option Close Up

The sofritas filling has definitely blown me away, and it may have won Chipotle my number-one vegetarian-friendly fast-food-joint award. I feel like I need to do more research before I hand out such an honor. Yes, definitely. Much more research. Three sofritas burritos please!

Chipotle Vegetarian Burrito Bowl, Chips, Pico De Gallo, and Nantucket Nectars Pomegranate Cherry Juice

What about you? Have you tried Chipotle's sofritas? Would you try Chipotle's sofritas even though it's "icky vegetarian food"? What's your favorite thing to get at Chipotle? Talk to me in the comments!


  1. Call me crazy, but Chipotle's salsa isn't even salsa to me. It's like, diced tomatoes with a few other things. I like my salsa un-chunky.

    1. I agree--I usually like my salsa nice and smooth but Chipotle's is still pretty awesome for what it is.