Monday, July 7, 2014

Fire Roasted Corn and Sloppy Joe Potato Chips

The other day I was wandering through my backyard corn field, surveying the hail damage, when I caught glimpse of a sliver of foil gleaming in the sun. Stepping closer, I scratched my head. It couldn't be. But there it was. Nestled among the stalks, a bag of Fire Roasted Sweet Corn chips had sprouted.

Fire Roasted Sweet Corn Potato Chips in a Corn Field

I plucked the bag from its place in the garden and battled my way past the pumpkin plants to take it inside. Still as unbelievable as could be, the bag sat seductively on the kitchen counter.

Bag of Fire Roasted Sweet Corn Chips in Garden

I slowly tore it open and inhaled its aroma. The sweetness drew me in even closer.

Fire Roasted Sweet Corn Chips Spilling from Bag

The first taste washed over me with a butter-soaked sweet and salty flavor, finished ever-so-slightly with a dash of pepper.

Herr's Fire Roasted Sweet Corn Flavored Potato Chips Closeup

We happily polished off most of the bag and planted the last chip in hopes of growing another bag of these peculiar snacks.

Fire Roasted Sweet Corn Chip Being Planted in Garden

On an entirely unrelated note, Herr's has recently released a line of summer-inspired potato chips, which includes a Sloppy Joe flavor.

Bag of Herr's Sloppy Joe Chips

They were not as delectable as one would have hoped, lacking that sweet-and-spicy Manwich flavor required for a true sloppy joe experience, but they were alright. I'd say they're very similar to a crinkle-cut barbeque chip.

Herr's Sloppy Joe Potato Chips Spilling from Bag

What chips did you serve up for the Fourth? Did they taste like dirty socks? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Can't say I had any dirty sock chips. Just regular tortilla with some buffalo chicken dip.

    1. Dude, buffalo chicken dip sounds awesome right now.

  2. What an interesting flavor! Love how you planted the last chip, so funny :)

    1. Definitely one of the weirdest flavors I've ever had--but absolutely spot-on!